The Grand Aquarium of Saint Malo

Immerse yourself in the seabed

Visit the Grand Aquarium Saint Malo located at the entrance to the corsair city. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the seabed and animals of the seas of the globe.

The Aquarium of Saint Malo houses more than 11,000 fish of 600 different species. Follow Jean Kermalo , a Malouin explorer, in his adventures and take a tour of the world of the oceans through 9 thematic areas. Admire small and large fish, shells and marine mammals.

Without question, an educational aquarium and fun that will appeal to young and old.

Sharks, turtles, groupers, rays…

Explore cold seas and temperate tropical and equatorial seas. Have fun in the touch pool where adults and children try to tame rays, flying foxes or spider crabs, and fondle the starfish. Shiver in the shark ring in which 7 sharks and 3 sea turtles , giant grouper , rays and other fish.

Finally, dream in the “ Nautibus “, board a mini-submarine and discover the abymes.